A Mother’s Story

The morning I found my son was gay was heart-breaking: he had left a letter on the kitchen table. It wasn’t our wedding anniversary, so why had he left an envelope addressed to “Mum and Dad”. I opened it and read the letter inside.

After the first few sentences my heart broke and I found myself on my knees sobbing. The intense feeling of sorrow, grief, guilt and dreams lost engulfed me. But the one feeling that took over was the need to hug my son and tell him I loved him and would always love him, and to come home where we would work through things together. No judgement or condemnation, just love.

My son came home after work that day with the bag he packed that morning.  My husband and I, with eyes full of tears, just hugged him. I couldn’t rest until he had felt settled at home and had unpacked his bag. I am not saying that life was going to be easy, it is not, BUT I trust my son to God, and hope in Him for all things.

A few weeks before my son came out I had been at a ladies retreat day. During a time of ministry, the leader placed a shawl over each of us, and each shawl had a word sewn on to it. I didn’t know what word was on my shawl until the end of the day when I took it off. It read “Chosen”. I thought “Chosen for what?”

Now I know! Eklektos is Greek for “chosen”.