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Fellowship for Christian Parents of Gay or Lesbian Children

Ministry to parents

We will listen and understand the emotions you are feeling. Firstly, we hope our first conversation will allay your fears of being alone  through this. Having someone to talk to can help you through the initial stages of coming to terms with your child’s sexuality and the  implications for you and your family. We will encourage you to stay close to your child as you work through various emotions with them. They will need to know that you still  love them unconditionally as Jesus teaches us.  We will provide you with biblical references to demonstrate that God still loves you and your child, and to demonstrate to others that the  right approach to you and your child is with grace and compassion.  Finally, we will keep you and your family in our prayers to our heavenly Father, that He may be close to you and surround you all with  His love and protection.   You can talk to us by phone, email or in person and as often as you feel necessary.

Ministry to churches

We can help ministers and church leaders  better support parents of gay or lesbian children.   Some parents may find it very difficult to seek support from others in some churches in fear of embarrassment, rejection, and/or  commendation. In these circumstances, the parents will feel very lonely and unable to share the experience. Left without  this vital  support, parents may withdraw from church life altogether.  Eklektos are available to meet with church ministers and leaders to discuss the issues that the parents face and how best the church  may support them and their family through this change in their family life.  Peter & Kim are also available to come along to church services or events to share their story and to encourage the church to reach out  in this ministry to parents and children alike.