What do others say about us?

“How churches should approach same-sex relationships is probably the most controversial issue of our day. Sadly, the arguments often distract us from the pastoral needs of those coming to terms with their sexuality or that of family members. Discovering that your son or daughter is gay or lesbian raises a lot of questions for Christian parents, whatever their own attitude to homosexuality.
Peter & Kim are seeking to encourage greater openness to the pastoral issues and also provide opportunities for fellowship. They are doing so for personal reasons but also to support others – and they are seeking to do so in a non-judgmental way that nevertheless takes Christian faith and beliefs seriously. This is no easy task (!) and I commend them for setting up Eklektos. I also commend them as faithful Christians who care deeply about other people and the Church … and who love their kids.” Rev’d Keith Judson, Ex-Regional Minister Team Leader, Heart of England Baptist Association.

“I had the privilege of sharing ministry with Peter and Kim in Studley, Warwickshire for a number of years. These were happy times of fellowship and of open sharing. I have always trusted their integrity totally. I am sure that in this new phase of their Christian journey the Spirit of God is leading them in good ways, that will bring Light to them and their family and to many people.” The late Rev’d Richard Deimel, retired Vicar of Escomb, County Durham.

“As a fellow minister, and parent, who is faced with helping parents ‘journey’ with their children through life, I am happy to endorse such a valuable resource for fellow parents. It is in such ‘community’ that we can find healing, comfort and God’s voice. I am particularly thrilled to endorse such a community of prayer wanting to help us all face the issues of being the parent of a Gay/Lesbian or Bisexual child, and will continue to support all those involved, but particularly Peter and Kim. May God bless you both richly.” Rev’d Pete Worth, Minister, Barnt Green Baptist.